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Tears of Joy for Mothers: A Collection of Stories for Your Heart and Soul
Angels, Seen & Unseen 2006: 228 pages. 14 stories and introduction by authors such as Margaret E. Sangster, Jr., Mabel McKee, and Agnes Sligh Turnbull.

Published by Thomas Nelson. ISBN #0-8499-1190-7.

ORDER - SALE: $5.00

Table of Contents:

Introduction: "My Mother's Scrapbooks," by Joseph Leininger Wheeler
"The Day Mother Cried," by Gerald Moore
"The Littlest Orphan and the Christ Baby," by Margaret E. Sangster, Jr."
"The Mustard Plaster," Author Unknown
"The Song of Songs," by Mabel McKee
"Third Time's the Charm," by Katherine Holland Brown
"Apple Blossoms," Author Unknown
"The Stepmother," by Margaret Weymouth Jackson
"Zachary's Angel," by Ruth Lee Olsen
"When They All Came Home," by Agnes Sligh Turnbull
"Story of Love," Author Unknown
"Beautiful Dreamer," by Arthur Gordon
"The Little Room," Author Unknown
"The New Neighbor," by Emma Gary Wallace
"Stella Solaris," by Joseph Leininger Wheeler


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