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My Favorite Angel Stories
Angels, Seen & Unseen (2013) 192 pages. Tradepaper. The first in a new series! Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association.

ISBN 13 # 978-0-8163-5019-3
ISBN 10 # 0-8163-5019-1


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Table of Contents:

Introduction: "Is There a Difference Between Biblical and New Age Angel Stories?" by Joseph Leininger Wheeler

Section One:
"The Turning Point," by Kirby Palmer
"Firewood and Candles," by W. A. Spicer
"Angel in the Darkness," by Kari Surdahl
" The Master Controls the Switch," by Elna English Mays
"Guardian Angels," by Betty Jones
"Hanging on by the Fingers," by Joseph Leininger Wheeler

Section Two:
"Through the Storm," by Mildren Wilson
"An Angel Walked," by Lois M. Parker
"The Telegram that Saved My Train," Author Unknown
"When Angels Rode Horseback," by Barbara Westphal
"John G. Paton and the Cannibals," by W. A. Spicer & John G. Paton
"The Touch of Angel Hands," by Frances Daisy Duffie & Martha Duffie
"Prayer and the Terror by Night," by Lieutenant Frank Lee

Section Three:
"He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You," by Lois Wheeler Berry
"The Hand on the Wheel," by Deloris Bigler
"Run!" by Josiah Litch
"A Thousand Miles of Miracles," by A. E. Glover & W. A. Spicer
"The Power of Song," by Nina Case
"The Angels of Chortiza," by Gwendolyn Lampshire Hayden

Section Four:
"The Calling Card," by Dixil L. Rodriguez
Underneath," by Martin Pascoe
"A Monarch's Restless Night," by W. A. Spicer
"Whiteout," by Teresa Sales
"Providence in Revolution," by Ellsworth Schneider
"Omnipresence," by Robert T. Jack
"We Should Have Been Dead," by Marla Palmer Marsh

Section Five:
"The Sea on My Back," by George Plume
"Faith," by Mildred Hatch
"Stop the Ship!" by W. S. Chapman
"God Will Take Care of You," by J. Echo Cossentine
"The Mysterious Rider on PG-16," by Merton Henry, Jr.
"Maximilian's Wish," Author Unknown
"Let's Run Tell Our Friends," by Marla Palmer Marsh

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