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Heart to Heart:
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Mom in my Heart
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Heart to Heart Stories for Moms
Heart to Heart Stories for Moms(2000) 270 pages. Hardback. Published by Tyndale & Focus on the Family. Same as Mom In My Heart. ISBN 0-8423-3603-6


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Table of Contents:

Introduction: "Motherhood: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow," by Joseph Leininger Wheeler
"Beauty for Ashes," by Anna Brownell Dunaway
"All Joy Gone," by Reva I. Smith
"His First Step," Author Unknown
"The Golden Chain," by Josephine DeFord Terrill
"Ketched," by Ida Alexander
"A Sandpiper To Bring You Joy," by Mary Sherman Hilbert
"Houses and Homes," by Martha F. Simmonds
"Billy Brad and the Big Lie," Author Unknown
"Applesauce Needs Sugar," by Victoria Case
"Their Father's Wife," by Priscilla Hovey
"Beth Martin's Pretty Mother," by Francis Bowman
"Information Please," by Paul Villiard
"Mom and the Talking Bears," by Doris Elaine Fell
"The Diplomacy of Grandma," by Author Unknown
"The Revolt of Mother," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
"When Ma Rogers Broke Loose," Author Unknown
"When Queens Ride By," by Agnes Sligh Turnbull
" Stepmother," by Mabel Bryden
"Mother's Vicarious Graduation," by Josephine Cunnington Edwards
"I Choose You," Author Unknown
"White Lilacs," by Leota Hulse Black
"November Winds," by Joseph Leininger Wheeler

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